Thursday, April 2, 2009

She Just Won't Stop Staring

I don’t know if I have ever had such a tortuous week here at Nu Skin Enterprises. All day long I can’t get it out of my mind. There are endless people who are constantly reminding me, I mean at least every fifteen minutes there is some one that steps into my cubicle to remind me, and then every time I walk past the cafeteria there she is staring me down, almost laughing in a way, saying you weren’t even ever close to having me. So here it is:

You see I am #1. There are four teams left in the tournament, and my bracket has sky rocketed to the top of the chart. But this isn’t any old March madness bracket. No this is the Nu Skin corporate bracket, and this year Nu Skin decided to do a little prize for the winner. This year they are giving away a brand new scooter, and with Villanova upsetting Pittsburg it has moved me right up to the top with 101 points.

How exciting right? No, actually it’s not exciting at all. It is torture. I kind of wish my bracket would have fallen apart way back in the first round. I think I should have been one of those dorks who put Utah and BYU into the Final 4. At least then I wouldn’t be kicking myself knowing that I was one pick away from a brand new scooter. You see even though I am at the top of the charts, I can’t win! I so stupidly picked Wake Forest to meet North Carolina in the final two. Wake was suppose to be my dark horse, but ended up being a little pony as all of you know since they fell in the first round to Cleveland State a 13 seed. So it is hard now that everybody here at Nu Skin now knows my name. It is hard to see the company wide email saying “Royce King is number one with only four teams left.” Yeah I am at the top, but I am like the only one of the top three who doesn’t have both their final two still planning to put their shoes on the court this weekend. I am the only one of the top three who knows that there is no way that I am going to win that scooter. I keep praying that Connecticut pulls out the victory and then they say sorry we are going to disqualify you for your illegal recruiting moves. And then nobody advances and UNC wins and I win the Scooter. But that is just me dreaming. Really I just keep on kicking, repeating “What was I thinking?”