Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jessica is Pregnant!!!

So the news is out. Jessica is pregnant. She is 11 weeks a long as of yesterday, and has a due date of July 12th.

We have had fun telling close family and friends. Last night we had a party with my friends where we had a white elephant gift exchange. We decided to tell everybody through the gift exchange by wrapping a positive pregnancy test. It was fun to watch everybody's reaction when it was opened as they looked around the room to see who was going to admit that they were pregnant.

Jessica's friends were also really fun to tell, as we have this one caught on camera. We got all the girls lined up to take a picture and then I said "ok everybody say Jessica is pregnant!"

"Jessica is preggnn.....Really?"


We feel so blessed this time of year to have such great friends and family to share this good news with. We feel like it is a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Steps

Christmas is a process and each of us take different steps to build toward that special day. Here are a few steps that Jessica and I have taken thus far.

The Nu Skin Christmas party has been a big part of Christmas in our lives for a few years. Jessica and I attended the party last night in which they celebrated the company's 25th year completed. The celebrated with a wonderful catered dinner for all that attended. Jessica wasn't to disappointed that I went another year with out winning any thing because she said she found her favorite dessert ever. I don't know if we ever got the name of it, but she loved it.

The day after Thanksgiving we went up with my family to go cut down our Christmas tree. It is a tradition that I have done with my family for years, and Jessica and I want to keep it up. Here are a few pictures.

Here is my mom, Amilia, Kim, Julia and Shari. Doing a little tree shopping.

We still have some fun steps to look forward, and blog about. Till then....