Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Alaska Adventure.

Jessica and I had quite the amazing Homer, Alaska Adventure over the last week. Jessica had been aching to go and visit her sister Britny, her boys Josh and Will, and most of all the two twins Gabe and Gracie. The visit was great. And I got to go fishing.

Halibut Fishing on the Sea Witch with Captain Jared Bradshaw:

This was the big fish of the trip. 234 lbs of halibut. Check out the post under this post to see the video of Jared bringing it into the boat.

Here is Jared on the right with a 130 lb halibut and the deck hand Joe with the 234 lb halibut. Two beautiful fish.
So you can see the size difference. Here is a 50 lb halibut. Still a Big fish.

I thought this was a really cool fish. A lot of people call this a red snapper, but the real name is a Yellow Eye, for the yellow ring around it's eye. Sweet looking fish though.

Here is the usual scene on the back of the Sea Witch after a day of fishing. These are the average size halibut caught. 20 to 30 pounds.
Kayaking in Alaska:

When we went Kayaking there was a seal just chilling on the dock. This is as close as we could get before he would start growling at us.

Here we are at Moose head point. A look out point that we stopped at on our Kayak tour.

Halibut Cove:

This is a beautiful cove with a surrounding community that you have to take a boat to get there. We went there to go to The Saltry Restaurant. Which is in the back ground of the picture here with Jessica, Will and Josh.

Here is the Danny J. People usually take the Danny J. to come over to Halibut Cove to go to the Saltry Restaurant, but since we were with the Bradshaws they let us bring our own boat.
Here are some of the awesome houses in Halibut Cove.

We also saw lots of wild life including a Orcas, Porpoises, Sea otters, Seals, Moose, and a Black Bear.

Thank you very much Bradshaw family for making this a trip of a life time. We will never forget our Alaska Adventure.

240 lb halibut catch on the Sea Witch

We caught the big fish coming in on tape. It is pretty amazing.