Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anouncements & A Blessing

Jessica worked really hard and got these beautiful announcements created for our daughter Mayla. We can't believe that she is two months old this week. Now the hard part comes with trying to get them all sent out to all of our friends and family. If we miss one of you, we are so sorry, but we would love for you to print out the picture above and throw it up on your fridge.

Sunday we blessed our sweet daughter Mayla Beth King, and we had our first family picture taken. She was really good for the blessing and looked beautiful in her dress. Jessica says pink is her color. I have been raised with the saying "pink, pink, you stink." But I do have to agree, she is a cutie in pink.
Aunt Shari made her a beautiful corsage for her day.

We also had one of Jessica's great friends take some pictures a while ago that turned out really great. Here are some of our favorites.


Laurel said...

I LOVE Mayla's pink blessing gown (Isabel's had some pink, too), Jessica's fabulous floral dress, and the second-to-last photo of your sweet girl. :) We're so happy for you guys!

Dezi & Brock said...

We really think Coen's over the Alaskan girl he was betrothed to. He's totally falling for Mayla now... :)

our winter wonderland said...
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Hale-O-There said...

I love your pictures of Mayla, she is such a beauty! Congrats on the blessing day, and the first family photo;) I'm looking forward to the next big family event when we get to meet Mayla

Julander Family said...

oh my goodness she's perfect! congrats you two!

Shaun and Andrea said...

She just keeps getting cuter!!!! I love the pictures too. You guys sure so make a very cute family!!!!

Ben and Krystal said...

Okay- I LOVE the pictures! And you guys are in trouble unless one of those anouncements gets here soon :)

Nieves said...

hello Jessica & family!!
First af all congratulations for your beautiful daugther.

My name is Nieves and i´m a future mommy fron barcelona-Spain.
Its a girl too and we decided to put her MAYLA!!
When I was looking for the meaning of the name because here nobody is called MAYLA, I casually found your blog and your daugther´s picture.

My Mayla will born in July 2011.
So if tou give me an email i´ll send you a photo fron the other side of the planet....jajajajaj

my email if you want is nievesaparicio@gmail.com

bye bye